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Rules & Policies

Facility Use

Main Gate

  • Main Gate must remain closed at all times, except as approved by the Board.

  • Main Gate may be left open during Club-authorized activities — such as meetings, sporting clay shoots, picnics, special events, and scheduled maintenance – for the duration of that activity.

  • For gate malfunction (only): call 507-315-9626.

  • For PIN questions: email

  • Members must never give their unique PIN number to non-members


  • The calendar on the BSCC website ( is the official source of information regarding range closures for maintenance and special events

Visitors & Guests

  • All members, family and guests must conduct themselves in a safe, courteous, responsible manner. Be Minnesota nice.

  • Visitors and guests must follow the BSCC Guest Policy. Members are responsible for their guests.

  • All guests are required to complete a waiver and submit a $10 guest fee

  • Waiver forms and guest fee envelopes available at the Rifle Range


  • Alcoholic beverages may be consumed only in the direct vicinity of the clubhouse (not at ranges).

  • Shooting is prohibited after any consumption of alcohol.

Prohibited Hunting

  • Animals, including predators, may not be shot, trapped, or injured/ killed without Board approval

Trash & Garbage

  • Use the garbage cans at the range for small items Flatten all cardboard and either haul out or place in garbage

  • Remove all brass and shot shells from the ground

  • Use the recycle bins on the porch for plastic, aluminum, and glass

Nature Trails

  • Firearms and compressed air guns shall not be used on nature trails or in the campground facilities without Board approval


  • Short-term camping is allowed in the designated camping area.

  • Obtain approval from the Director of Special Events and Security before setting up camp.

Disciplinary Actions & Violations

  • The Board of Directors may be petitioned for variances to, or interpretation of, the above rules

  • Failure to comply with Club rules without a Board variance may result in disciplinary action including loss of Club membership.

  • The Club employs security cameras to identify violations.

  • Report any observed violation of facility or range rules to

Range Officers

  • The Club does not employ formal range officers. Therefore, it is the duty of every member and guest to ensure that all activities are conducted in the safest possible manner, following all BSCC rules and policies.

Facility Use

General Shooting Range Rules

  • Shooting hours are from 9:00 AM until sunset.

  • All shooting must be conducted in the safest possible manner. In particular:

    • All firearms shall be unloaded, both chamber and magazine, when not in use.

    • No firearm shall be handled or loaded while personnel are downrange

  • Additionally firearms shall be made safe in one of the following manners:

    • Rifles with bolts open or removed on the bench, or placed in racks with actions open

    • Handguns on the bench with slides locked back and magazines removed, or actions open

    • Shotguns unloaded and placed in racks.

    • If racks are not available, shotguns must be unloaded, carried with muzzle pointed up or down, and action locked open or “broken.”

  • Eye and ear protection required for all persons on or near the firing line

  • Rifles and pistols must be fired downrange so that Club-constructed berms contain all bullets.

  • Overshooting a berm could lead to serious injury or fatality down range

  • If you observe violations of these rules, please report the incident to the Board immediately

General Shooting

Rifle Range Rules

  • Shoot only paper targets mounted on a Club-constructed backer, or Club-installed metal targets (gongs)

  • Mount paper targets so that bullet strikes do not impact the support posts

  • All targets – even if still re-useable – must be removed from backer boards after shooting

  • Do not mount targets on gong splatter boxes, or on improvised stands of any kind

  • No firearms discharge in front of the firing line

  • No use of any other type of targets, such as exploding target media (e.g., Tannerite), clay pigeons, metal spinners, balloons, metal animal silhouettes, poppers, etc., without prior Board of approval

  • The following are prohibited without prior approval from the Board:

    • Fully automatic or burst-fire firearms

    • Large caliber, military cartridges such as the 50 BMG.

  • Special rules for steel targets (gongs) on Rifle Range

    • Do not shoot high energy or very high velocity large caliber cartridges (e.g., .338 Titan, .416 Barrett, .460 Weatherby etc.) at the steel targets at 100, 200, and 300-yard range.

    • Check with a range officer before shooting anything with energy greater than .300 Win Mag on steel targets (send inquiries to

    • No steel-core or full-metal jacket ammunition on steel targets

    • Steel targets at 50 yards are for rimfire shooting only.

  • Do Not Shoot:

    • Wooden frames (splatter boxes) or target support straps

    • Clays or other targets placed on steel target splatter boxes

    • Notify if a steel target needs attention/repair

  • Sight in all scopes – including guns with bore-mounted scopes – at the 50-yard backer first

Rifle Range

Archery Range Rules

  • Always inspect your equipment before use for any damage to the bow, string, arrows, or other archery gear.

  • Damaged arrows can break, shatter or veer off course when shot and injure the shooter or other archers.

  • Do not shoot arrows with broken nocks or missing fletching as their flight can be adversely altered.

  • Never pull back and release a bowstring (dry-fire) without an arrow attached. This could damage the bow or injure the archer.

  • Do not shoot arrows equipped with a broadhead at any of the BSCC targets. Shooters may use broadheads with their own targets.

  • The use of firearms, air-rifles, and crossbows is prohibited on the archery range and at 3-D events

    • However, if a member provides his or her own targets and target butts, crossbows are permitted to be shot at the Archery Range

    • The BSCC Board, at its discretion, may authorize the use of the Archery Range for specific activities that involve firearms, such as Sporting Clays. During these scheduled events, the Archery Range will be closed for archery.

  • Shoot at the target only when you are completely sure no one is in danger of being struck. If you’re not sure, take a closer look. If you’re still not sure, do not shoot.

  • Retrieve your arrow only when everyone in your party has finished shooting and the signal is given to make the retrieve

    • Only one person at a time should withdraw their arrows from the target

    • When removing arrows from the target, make sure nobody is standing in front of the target or in the way of the withdrawn arrows

  • Nock an arrow only when it is your turn to shoot and you are positioned at the shooting stake 


Guest Policy


  • Members must display their membership card on their person when using the ranges Club members are allowed a maximum of two guests on the range at any one time, including the guest’s children.

  • Each guest is limited to use of the range up to 3 times per calendar year.

  • Guests on the range must be accompanied by a Club member.

  • If you see someone violating the guest policy, please report it to a Board member.

  • Members who fail to comply with the guest use policy will be issued a warning and a second violation will result in the loss of BSCC membership


  • A mandatory daily fee of $10 per guest is required.

  • The guest fee does not apply to youth, 14 years of age and younger

  • Payment of the required fee must be made prior to shooting on the range

  • Place fee in payment envelope and deposit in the Guest Fee box located at the rifle house

  • This is an honor system – please observe and comply the fee policy.

  • Members bringing a guest(s) are responsible to assure that the fee is paid and that all range and safety rules are followed.

  • All memberships allow for a spouse and dependents age 18 and under to utilize the ranges without paying a guest fee Club sponsored activities such as sporting clay shoots, archery 3D shoots, and law enforcement training activities are exempt from these rules

Liability Waiver Policy

  • All guests, and all occasional users of BSCC property or facilities, are required read and sign a “Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement” each calendar year.

  • Download waiver form here or find it at the Rifle Range and Pistol Range.

  • The waiver must be signed by all visitors and placed in the fee box.


  1. Sign the Waiver

  2. Pay the Fee BEFORE Using the Range

  3. Follow Range Rules

Guest Policy

Sporting Clay Rules



The Byron Sportsmen and Conservation Club is not responsible or liable for any injury or death that may result your participation in Sporting Clays or from the use of the Club property and facilities.

​Hearing & Eye Protection

  • Hearing Protection Required for all shooters.

  • Temporary hearing protection is available in the box at the rifle shooting building.

  • Eye Protection Every shooter is strongly encouraged to use eye protection.

  • Protective glasses are available in the box at the rifle shooting building.

  • Be sure to return the glasses to the box after using.

Shotgun Rules

  • Shotguns pellet size must be #7 ½ or smaller (e.g., #8, #8.5, #9)

  • Exception: Pellets larger than #7 ½ permitted at the patterning plate located near the DIY clay pigeon shotgun range, or at a patterning target placed on the 50-yard rifle backer

  • Shotguns using slugs or sabots are considered centerfire rifles; Shoot only at the Rifle Range

  • Sporting Clays: Every Thursday May-September starting at 5:00 PM See Calendar for specific dates & times

  • DIY Shotgun: Please watch the videos and follow the instructions carefully. Operate at your own risk · Click here for the video

Safety Measures

  • Loading Gun Do not load gun until you are in the shooting station and it is your turn to shoot.

  • Muzzle of Gun Always keep the muzzle of your gun pointed in a safe manner.

  • Treat all guns as loaded at all times.

  • You will be asked to leave if you point or swing your gun in an unsafe manner.

  • Action Open Always carry your gun with action open.

  • Close the action only when you are on the shooting line then open it immediately again when you finish shooting.

  • Break (hinge) action shotguns may be closed for storage in a rack but must be opened immediately upon removal from the rack.

  • Keep Guns Racked All shooters are required to place their gun in the rack while awaiting their turn to shoot or after completing their turn.

  • Do not remove your gun from rack until the other shooter has completed shooting.

  • Target Loads Only Only target loads with shot sizes of 7 ½, 8, or 9 shot, and only loads of 1-1/8th ounce or smaller are permitted.

  • Number of Loaded Shells Never load more shells than needed for the target presentation.

  • For one clay target, load one shell.

  • Never load more than two shells for double or trailing-pairs clay targets.

  • One Shooter per Station Only one person may shoot at one time per station.

  • Shoot at Your Own Risk All shooters participate at their own risk.

Rules of Conduct

  • Always position yourself safely behind the shooter.

  • Load the shotgun only after you have entered the shooting station (plastic ring) and are ready to call for the clay bird (“Pull”).

  • Do not load more than two shells in the gun.

  • Should you experience an ammunition or gun malfunction, keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction until the firearm is rendered safe. Never turn around toward others when on station with a loaded gun.

  • Before leaving the station, ensure that the gun is unloaded, and the action is open.

  • Practice swings behind any station are not allowed.

  • The largest shotgun ammunition allowed is 12 gauge 2 ¾ inch length, 7 ½ shot size and 1-1/8 ounce loads. No magnum or hunting loads allowed due to noise factor.

  • Never handle another shooter’s gun without permission.

  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the shooting range at any time.

  • Any person impaired by alcohol, drugs or an illegal substance is strictly prohibited from shooting.

  • All persons are expected to cooperate with the Club rules and the Range Captain’s directives. Any person refusing to cooperate with these rules will be prohibited from shooting the current and future events.

  • Any shooter displaying negligence for the safety of others or themselves will be removed from the range and may be excluded from any future Sporting Clays activities.

  • The shooting of any bird or animal on the Club property is prohibited.

  • Please pick-up your empty hulls after shooting and either bring them home with you or discard in the buckets provided.

Sporting Clay Rules

Pistol Range Rules

1. No Rifles or shotguns permitted on the Pistol Range

  • Exception: .22 rimfire rifles and compressed-air powered rifles permitted on pistol range

2. Only rim-fires and standard pistol calibers permitted

3. Shoot only paper targets mounted on the Club-constructed backer, or Club-installed metal targets (gongs, plate racks, etc.)

4. Special rules for steel target plates and racks on the Pistol Range

  • No firearms discharge in front of the firing line

  • Under-25-yard shooting permitted by moving targets no closer than 10 yds. from pistol house

  • Personal protective gear (shooting glasses) required to prevent injury from steel target splatter


5. No shooting at berms, target frames, or wood barriers.  No personal reactive or non-paper targets.

6. Commissioned peace officers and Minnesota CCW handgun licensees may carry a loaded handgun on BSCC property, but if the handgun is removed from its holster, then he/she must comply with all Range Rules.

Pistol Range Rules
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