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New Gate

The new gate and security system are a reality! Special thanks go out to all the members that volunteered their time, effort, and energy to make this project a success – especially Doug Brincks, Eric Dickman, Brian Keehn, and Scott Livingstone.

All members have received their new 5-digit PIN to access the facility by email. If you have not received your unique PIN number, or forgot it, you will need to email Do not give your PIN to anyone else. The PIN number is for your use only. This rule will be strictly enforced; violation could lead to loss of membership.

Important information about using the gate:

  1. To access the club, enter your 5-digit pin number then * (star), not # (pound)

  2. PIN number issues will only be addressed by email to Response could take up to 48 hrs. For security purposes, PIN problems will not be handled by phone.

  3. Gate malfunction problems? Call 507-315-9626.

  4. A volunteer (if available) will assist. If no answer, leave a message and a callback #. Use this number only for mechanical/ malfunction problems (not PIN number issues)

  5. DO NOT enter gate opening if gate has started to move! Failure to heed this warning may result in gate and/or vehicle damage that you or your insurance will be responsible for, if the gate closes on your vehicle. BSCC will not be responsible for damage to your vehicle if you disregard this warning.

  6. No tailgating at the entrance gate. This means that as the vehicle in front of you enters their PIN and drives in, do not follow them through the gate. Stop, type your PIN into the keypad, and then you can enter the property. This will help us track utilization of the BSCC property.

  7. If you bring guests, travel in one vehicle. If your guest has a separate vehicle:

  • Enter first and park your vehicle

  • Walk back and key in your PIN a second time for your guest

  • DO NOT give your PIN to your guest.

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